Befiker kossoye Ecology Lodge

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While in your stay with BEFIKIR KOSSOYE ECOLOGY LODGE, not only you will feel and experience nature but also you will be able to see different traditions and cultures of Ethiopia especially the amhara region ,to mention some;

· looking and perhaps participating, if you are interested in knowing, how the Ethiopian “injera” (bread) is made,
· have a look on how the kossoye woreda market operates (if you arrive in Saturday) it’s a local market known as “KIDAME GEBEYA” where people exchange different commodities.
· How people of the woreda solve social problems, there is a social association called “FIRD SHENGO” and also has a great contribution in preserving old but good traditions in a local base. You will see how elders of the region give judgments and pass orders.
· Since it’s an ECOLOGY LODGE, you will be served upon request, kossoye special honey from the back yard of the lodge, which is fresh and 100% natural, what are you waiting then?
· If also you are in the mood of having a barbeque at night with a fresh lamb meet, don’t worry we will be more than happy in serving you beyond your expectations and make sure all your needs are met while on your stay with us.
· Every night we have a campfire in the main lodge with a typically Ethiopian coffee ceremony and traditional dance from different nationalities found in Ethiopia, don’t miss this event,
· We, in the very bottom of our eager in making your stay fantastic and unforgettable, with your families ,friends or fiancés ,we also prepare a camping night in the compound with your wish,
· There are also trekking activities
o A two hour trekking to the deepest parts of the lodge and to the cages of the wild lives.
o 5-7 hrs trekking to a very spiritual monastery called CHUGIE MARIAM built in early medieval periods of the century, its built in a cage with hands of a monk. you afraid that you get tired of the walks? no I don’t think so because on your way to the cave you will also be able to see the deepest natural beauty of the area. am afraid that you might say I wont go back ,by being amazed by the monastery,and the surroundings.



    ''I found this lodge as a piece of haven! I was there three times in two years and everytime is like new''

    I found this lodge as a piece of haven!