Befiker kossoye Ecology Lodge

About Befiker kossoye Ecology Lodge

The lodge is managed and owned by Mr. Dagnew Legesse, an Ethiopian business man, born in Gondar and has designed and supervised all the work involved in building the lodge. He has a passion in keeping the tradition of the local and the environment green.

As an Eco Lodge, we feel that community based tourism is essential in order to ensure that our local friends benefit from our existence. The entire construction of the Lodge has been carried out by the participation of the village women who used to earn by collecting a fire wood and for the interior decoration of the lodge local craftsmen did their best. With the help of the locals, we planted 50,000 local indigenous trees to cover the region and teach the locals to maintain the eco-system. Also our guests(if willing) will have a chance to contribute some to mother earth by planting a tree during their stay.

At the Befikir lodge, our goal is to provide our guests with far more than a tranquil place to rest and create the chance to uncover the natural beauty of kossoye hill.
So, if you are in Gondar for a couple of days this is definitely one of the first place you want to hit to have a safe and silence time, test the traditional foods of Ethiopia, and as well music and of course do some adventures.


    ''I found this lodge as a piece of haven! I was there three times in two years and everytime is like new''

    I found this lodge as a piece of haven!